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of Buying

You can drive as much as you want and enjoy the complete ownership when you buy a new or used vehicle. Buying a vehicle means that at the end of a couple of years, you'll have no more car payments, and you are at liberty to change and modify the vehicle at will -- whether it's adding a spoiler or changing the colour. It's your choice, because you own it.

Unlike with leasing, there's no mileage penalty, so you can take as many road trips off the beaten path as you'd like. And if you buy a car and decide it's not right for you, you're free to sell it— even if you're still financing it. The challenge with leasing vs. buying a new car is that you'll be upside down on the purchase of a new car for the couple of years, but you'll own it sooner and have the ability to sell it when you want.

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Leasing can be a great option for certain lifestyles. For example, if you entertain business clients, it enables you to drive a luxury vehicle for less money (and there may be a tax write-off). It's also great for people who don't drive a lot or enjoy being in the latest new cars every two or three years.

When it comes to leasing, you end up returning the vehicle at lease-end unless you decide to buy it. Monthly payments are usually lower than buying, and you'll also enjoy lower repair costs (the factory warranty covers most repairs throughout the duration of the lease). So ultimately, leasing isn't just a matter of dollars and cents -- it's also about personal taste and priorities. 

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Other Things to
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The decision to buy or lease your next vehicle can depend on a number of factors, including how much liquid cash you have, your credit score, how much you drive and how long you intend on keeping your vehicle for. As a smart car buyer, you should take the time to determine what your needs are, what best suits your lifestyle, then weigh the pros and cons. 

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