Spray-In Bedliner Vs. Drop-In Bedliner: The War Rages On

February 9th, 2016 by

BedlinerLike all accessories or add ons, you have to consider what you’re using your vehicle for. he bedliner is no different, but if you ask you friends, the internet or your local bedliner service provider they all have their own little slice of advice. Today we are here to contribute to the never ending debate of spray-in bedliner vs the drop-in. Spoiler Alert: it completely depends on you!

First let’s take a look at the drop in liner. The drop in bedliner is a durable rubber or plastic liner that fits in the bed of your (usually standard) pick-up truck model. They are convenient and easy to install, usually fitting snug in the rear box of your truck. Usually being the operative word. You have to be cautious when using these types of liner because it they don’t fit the truck perfectly you could end up with water pooling between the liner and your truck and begin to damage the body.

Thinking about a drop-in bedliner? If cost is important to you, traction/anti-slip is a major feature and the possibility of corrosion (or at least being comfortable with the possibility) is fine with you, consider a plastic or rubber bedliner. They are usually considerably less expensive, easy to install and can even be custom made if you have a truck that isn’t popular at this moment in time. A few cons to consider are plastic liners really do trap water when not maintained, so look out for that. The plastic can also come loose and make a bit of noise when you drive. Rubber is a great option but doesn’t necessarily protect the sides of your vehicle and can lead to some damage if you tend to haul a big payload on a regular basis.

Now for heavy-weight option, the spray-in liner. A spray-in liner is a liquid coating that is applied to the surface of your truck box after it has been prepped and cleaned. The spray-in liner is applied with a hose and becomes a permanent fixture in your vehicle. It hardens right to the floor and sides of the box so no drilling, no possibility of corrosion and excellent protection against bumps, scrapes and harmful chemicals or surfaces you may be moving.

If you are leaning towards the spray-in liner, first take a look at how you use your vehicle. If you use this truck as work vehicle or you are consistently hauling materials other than the odd piece of furniture, light duty equipment or groceries, than a spray-in liner will serve you well. They’re more durable and really do protect better if you are putting your truck to work. Be aware that they are more expensive and very permanent. Once it’s in there it’s done and if it stains that means the stain is permanent too. It is a harder surface than a rubber mat (obviously) so it can be hard on the knees if you spend a lot of time moving things around, but it offers great anti-slip surface traction like a mat.

Over all, it’s up to you. Both liners work to protect your truck and if you care for them properly you’ll have them long into the future and keep your truck safe. Investing in the spray-in bedliner can increase your resale value and is best suited to an individual who uses their vehicle as a true work truck, Take a true assessment of how you use your vehicle, how you care for it already and what you’re looking to get out of your liner. If you need help deciding what’s best for you, it’s wise to discuss your options with a trusted service provider. Rosetown Mainline is happy to help you choose what’s best for you and your vehicle.

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